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Before 1982, Jackson and DeKalb counties were devoid of any active performing and teaching theatre. This rural farming area lacked not only a facility and funding, but also an organization through which citizens could participate in productions and attend a live theatre performance. However, these Appalachian counties were not lacking in talent nor were they lacking in interest as evidenced by the size of audiences attending productions over the past years.
In 1983 the NACC Theatre presented its first production to a total viewing audience of twenty-two, seated in a college gymnasium, with a seating capacity of 350. Each year public demand has forced the theatre to increase the numbers of performances. In the season of 1998-1999, NACC Theatre seated over 13,000 patrons for the productions.
The theatre feels that serving the youth of the area is its most important objective. The program has been very successful in providing an educational career outlet for the arts. NACC Theatre has developed a new program for the youth of the area. Aspects of the Theatre is a program that will enable K-12 students of DeKalb and Jackson Counties to see two productions during the school year. These productions are performed in the Tom Bevill Lyceum and students are bused in from their schools. The productions are geared for children of different ages. This past year, grades 1 through 6 saw the Birmingham Childrens Theatre perform two productions.
The NACC Theatre has developed an outreach program in several areas. These programs have included benefit performances for Child Abuse Prevention as well as special performances designed for Mentally Challenged, Senior Citizens, Advanced Placement English Students, and gifted students. All these special performances and programs have been free to those attending.

The funding for our theatre program has been obtained primarily through the generous contributions of our patrons and local businesses. Because this is a rural area , our objective has always been to keep our ticket cost minimal. Indeed, a ticket to a performance of the NACC Theatre is only four dollars.
Since 1982, the NACC Theatre has received local, state, regional and national attention. (Local - Landmarks Community Dedication in the Field of Arts; State-Governor's Award for the Arts; Regional - Outstanding Local Initiative Award for Annual Child Abuse Prevention Benefit, National - Awarded a grant by Congressman Tom Bevill for the theatre). Consequently, the Tom Bevill Lyceum, a 4+ million dollar theatre and classroom facility opened in 1995 with a seating capacity of 742. This building will be a resource for an on-going cultural center for the area. The NACC Theatre staff and students would like to thank our administrator, Dr. Charles Pendley, President of Northeast Alabama Community College, for all his help and encouragement. Without his support we could not have moved with the pace that we have in the last eighteen years. Thank you Dr. Pendley for your interest in our community and college.

Home for the NACC Theatre

NACC Theatre moved from the W. M. Beck Health and Fine Arts Center in 1995.

On behalf of NACC Theatre, we would like to extend our gratitude to you, our patrons, for the many contributions you made during our 1999-2000 season. You helped to make this year one of the best ever for our theatre.
Many of you have supported us since our inception in 1982. You, along with the patrons that have followed, are what make us successful. Thank You!
Ann M. Everett Director of the Theatre
Mark Webb Assistant Director of the Theatre
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In all endeavors, NACC Theatre strives to create and maintain a professional enviroment necessary for the continued growth and development of its students, faculty, and staff. Words and pictures convey only a fraction of the excitement of NACC Theatre - nothing can compare with a personal visit. We invite you to visit the campus; attend classes, talk with teachers and students, see a rehearsal or production and explore our theatre training programs. Just write or phone the Theatre Office to make arangements. We believe, after visiting with us you will wish to make NACC Theatre your choice as a place to prepare for a successful theatre career.
Phone: (256) 638-4418 or 228-600l EXT. 218
Address: Ann M. Everett, Director of NACC Theatre, P. O. Box 159, Rainsville, Alabama 35986

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Musical, Comedy, and Drama
NACC Theatre has served the northeast area of Alabama for 16 years.